On July 2, 2007, a new campaign of archaeological interventions will begin for the recovery of the remains of the Base of Instruction of the XVIII Pujalt’s Popular’s Army.

The works will be carried out during two months, until the 31 of August. Four work camps of 15 days each will be organized.

In the first three camps, coordinated by members of the “Agrupament Escolta Alexandre de Riquer” in Calaf, 25 young people will participate in each field.

The first will be of Catalan origin, the second from the whole Spanish state and the third will be international.

The fourth and last camp of this year, will have the participation of about 25 people, that will be instructed by volunteers from the “Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory of Catalonia”, foreign volunteers from the International Civil Service and young people from Pujalt, the area of Alta Segarra and other places.

We will work in different areas of the camp: the fountain of Tusquella, mouths of shelters, latrines, barracks, half-buried dwellings, kitchens, etc.

We will also work on the consolidation and reconstruction of some recovered structures.

This intervention will be carried out with the essential support of Pujalt city council, with the aprovement of the ” Àrea de Recerca i Coneixement del Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya” and with the coordination and technical direction of Cat Patrimoni.